Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big John joins Jack at Cherry Creek

Jack Elway is a senior QB at Cherry Creek HS in Colorado and a member of The Forbes 400 Preseason All-American Team.

That alone is a pretty big deal.

But Jack Elway's dad is kind of big, too. He is John Elway. Two-time Super Bowl champion and, in this writer's opinion, the greatest QB in the history of the NFL.

Now, John and Jack are both Cherry Creek Bruins.
So reports the Rocky Mountain News in Wednesday's editions.

Cherry Creek officials tell the RMN that Elway will serve as an unpaid assistant. (I think he can afford to eschew that payday.)

Interestingly enough, John Elway's father Jack Elway Sr. was a college football coach, including at Elway's alma mater Stanford. But he never coached John. He took over at Stanford after John graduated.

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