Monday, October 04, 2010

Week 8 National Prep Football Poll released

URBANDALE, Iowa -- Perennial Texas power Katy joined the Top 25 in the National Prep Poll while the rest of the rankings remained largely unchanged for the second straight week.

The Tigers are certainly no strangers to the national stage. They've won five state titles with five Top-25 finished in the National Prep Poll since 1997.

Elsewhere in the rankings, Glenville (Cleveland, Ohio) was the biggest gainer this week. The Tarblooders, who own a pair of wins over Top-25 teams already this season, jumped five spots to No. 4 after throttling JFK (Cleveland, Ohio) for their 89th consecutive Senate League victory.

Overall, only three of last week's 70 ranked teams lost and fell out of the rankings.

Week 8 National Prep Football Poll


Anonymous said...

Jamie - quick vaulted Glenville up for beating up teams that are horrible and you dropped Colerain 2 spots for some reason.

Why the change in philosophy in who is #1 in Ohio??

PrepNationSports said...

Glenville's move up was unrelated to what Colerain is doing. The Tarblooders moved up because they are the only team in the nation with two wins against Top 25 teams. Both Dwyer and Warren Central (the teams they beat) are playing well, and that helps Glenville's case tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough response. I still wonder why you would consider Glenville's game vs. Dwyer a win as it clearly wasn't, but you are what your record says you are.

Hopefully the Tarblooders and Cardinals can find a way to meet in Canton in early December. Would have to be one of the better state title games in the country.

Keep up the great work Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Central PA props this season...CD,Cumberland Valley,the Burg(4-1),and do not count Mc D out just yet,because any one of these schools can do major damage come playoff time.

STAraider said...

wow Glenville moves past St thomas I would love to hear how you came about this

Anonymous said...

How in the world does STA get moved down 2 sots for beating a top 15 team? Good thing they didn't beat a top ten team...they may have been moved down 3 spots. Utterly stupid.

Anonymous said...

How could you drop St. Thomas 2 spots after they rather handily beat a highly ranked team on national television? That makes no sense at all. That's their second big win on the national stage this year.

David said...

Monona Grove High School of South Central Wisconsin is quietly racking up wins against quality opponents in an undefeated season. Considering that the Badger state produces a large number of collegiate athletes, this state seems to get less love than it deserves. Check out the Silver Eagles.

Cane10 said...

The Glenville rating is ridiculous. Fla teams have gone on the road for every game vs. opponents in all regions and have shown the strength you know they have. Dwyer was robbed twice, and we all know it was purposeful. Glenville ahead of STA, Manatee, and Dwye is absurd.