Monday, November 09, 2009

Week 13 National Prep Football Poll released

On the strength of its third-ever win over rival Independence (Charlotte, N.C.), Butler (Matthews) has earned its first-ever spot in the National Prep Poll's Top 25.

The Bulldogs capitalized on five turnovers to get the 31-24 win over the Patriots, who were ranked No. 18 last week. It was only the third time this season Butler did not beat an opponent by at least 21 points.

The remainder of the week 13 rankings went largely unchanged. The national Top 10 remained completely intact after every one of those teams won its last game by at least 17 points.


Anonymous said...

I said a couple of weeks ago here on PrepNation that Butler (Matthews, NC) should be nationally ranked instead of Independence (Charlotte, NC) because they're the better team right now and they proved my point by beating Indy at their place this past Friday 31-24. Butler QB Christian LeMay is one of the better Junior QB's in the county and they have the complete package of offense and defense. The Butler Bulldogs are one of the better teams that you'll see this year.

Anonymous said...

This national ranking thing is an impossible job. I appreciate that hole heartedly. In the state of Maryland the public schools do not and cannot play at the same level as the private schools generally speaking. Its not their fault and there isnt much they can do about it because they cannot go out and get the players. They are dealt the cards they have to play with. That being said, it is very difficult to make an argument that any of them should be ranked higher than the private school elite like Dematha, Good Counsel, Gilman or Mcnamara even though at this time they may have an undefeated record compared to a 1 or 2 loss record. They do not play the level of competition that these private schools do. DeMatha has 12-15 DI players and Good Counsel has 10-12 on their roster.

Good job though year in and year out trying to make sense of this across the whole country.

Anonymous said...

Even at number five in your poll, you have vastly underrated Don Bosco Prep. Anyone who has seen this team in person or who has played against them, will tell you that they are the most complete, best conditioned, most disciplined, best coached, and the best team in the nation. For you to have them at #5 is insane. Do yourself a favor, take the time to visit DBP and watch a practice or two before taking in a live game. The team and the program will leave you in awe.

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand how this poll can have Don Bosco Prep ranked #5 in the nation. Bosco is the best coached team in the country with the best "high school" running back in the country. I don't know who at Bosco wizzed in your Cheerios but this poll reveals a great deal of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Well let see, Byrnes has the 15th toughest scedual in the Nation this year, playing the #1 Ranked Team in the Nation STA and put 600+ yard of offence on them. On down the list Byrnes played the # 22 Ranked Team in the Nation, Dorman from SC, and will face them again possibly for the State Title in SC. If not Dorman it will be the #71 Ranked Team in the Nation Rock Hill, SC.

National Rankings-#2 Byrnes( Schedule Strength- 35.4)
#22 Dorman (Roebuck, SC) (17-10),
#220 Mauldin (SC) (72-27),
#276 Myrtle Beach (SC) (65-14),
#304 Gaffney (SC) (60-7),
#556 Boiling Springs (Spartanburg, SC) (53-0),
#1129 Spartanburg (SC) (49-6),
#2447 Greer (SC) (52-6),
#3381 Hillcrest (Simpsonville, SC) (42-9),
#4754 Woodland (Dorchester, SC) (85-8),
#5536 Central Gwinnett (Lawrenceville, GA) (43-7),
LOSSES: #1 Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (42-34)

Lets look at the #1 team in the Nation, STA Season (Schedule Strength-31.7)
#2 Byrnes
#257 Miramar (FL) (31-6),
#788 Deerfield Beach (FL) (27-0),
#976 Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (35-7),
#1136 Upper Arlington (Columbus, OH) (52-7),
#1209 South Broward (Hollywood, FL) (51-7),
#1358 Anderson (Lauderdale Lakes, FL) (46-6),
#4411 McArthur (Hollywood, FL) (49-7),
#8042 Nova (Davie, FL) (56-0)

Don Bosco Preps (Schedule Strength-27.8)
#104 De La Salle (Concord, CA) (30-6),
#157 Prattville (AL) (35-24),
#278 Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ) (28-20),
#346 St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, NJ) (42-9),
#2550 Passaic County Tech (Wayne, NJ) (51-7),
#3322 Passaic (NJ) (49-8),
#8042 Kennedy (Paterson, NJ) (41-0),
#8345 Clifton (NJ) (71-0)

DBP is a good Team this year just not great.

Anonymous said...

Bosco is better than Byrnes and STAQ, and wayyy better than Cedar Hill and St. Ignatius. Get out of the midwest once in awhile. You can't compare teams by saying the squads we beat 50-0 were slightly better than the squads you beat 50-0. That's ridiculous. Anyone who says this year's Bosco team is good but not great is talking out of their you know what and has never seen Bosco this year. They are flat out the best and most balanced team in the nation.

Anonymous said...

DBP is a good team, but i had the chance to see them play #157 Prattville (AL) (35-24) this year and both team looked good and it was a great win for DBP, but neither team could stay on the field with Byrnes or STA, thats just the facts. IMO Speed kills and STA and BYRNES is way to fast for DBP. In the Rebels last game the only had the ball 16.2 min. of the game and put up 53 points.

Anonymous said...

I like how this guy is saying because we haven't seen DBP play, we cannot say they are the best... Have you seen STA, Byrnes, or Cedar Hill play? And for you to say DBP is WAY better than Cedar Hill is unlikely to me, they are the number one team in Texas, argueably the toughest state when it comes to highschool football.