Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 10 National Prep Football Poll released

URBANDALE, Iowa -- For the first time this season, no new teams entered the weekly National Prep Poll Top 25.

Last week's nationally ranked squads went 25-0, winning by an average score of 43-11. When you throw in the 43 regionally ranked teams that played last week, the overall won/loss record for last week's ranked teams was 67-1.

A few squads moved up slightly in this week's rankings. The most significant movement was by Texas' No. 1-ranked squad, Cedar Hill, which moved up one spot to No. 3. The Longhorns have scored 47 or more points in four consecutive games and are averaging 43 per contest this season.


Anonymous said...

i see you still havent figured out whos better hutchinson ks or mullin co you could look at some tape or you could just ask rockhurst mo hope you get it right next week

Anonymous said...

I live in KC and have seen all three teams. Comparing scores is apples and oranges. Hutchinson is excellent, but would be beaten by Mullen. I have seen both play. I doubt that you have considering you do not even know how to spell MullEn. Hutchinson's offensive style which was very effective against the Rock (without Belfonte) would not work against Mullen's personnel. Plus, Mullen plays against better competition

Anonymous said...

I know that you have Independence (Charlotte, NC) ranked 20th nationally this week, but I seen Butler (Matthews, NC) and in comparing the two, Butler is better. Butler has been much more impressively than Indy and from what I've seen from both teams, Butler would beat Independence if they were to play right now and we'll know for sure because they play each in 3 weeks. If Independence is nationally ranked, Butler should get some great consideration for being nationally ranked as well.

rangrant said...

Hey Jamie....whats your take on Tulsa Washington?....we have a few squads besides Jenks and Union here in

Bosh said...

Mullen better then Hutchinson?

Offensive style would not work against Mullen's personnel?

I have watched both teams play on tape and can tell, you it would be a good game, but the physical play of Hutchinson is on another level then most high school teams i have seen this year.

Random Rankings from other sites.

Hard to believe every other poll has Hutchinson ranked higher then Mullen, but its high school, no way to do a 100% accurate ranking.
But to say Mullen would beat Hutchinson, and that there offense would not work against them i guess is your opinion, even though i find it hard to believe you say you have watched both teams and can come to this conclusion.
Hopefully after the next 2 years with Rockhurst on the schedule, Hutchinson can pick up Mullen and put to rest this debate but till then, all the numbers and opinions don't mean anything. till both teams step on the field.

Good luck to both teams!

Anonymous said...

Is Chandler (AZ) Hamilton anywhere near your list? They're 8-0 and hold 4 of last 6 state titles in 5A.