Monday, August 04, 2008

Texas power Euless Trinity is No. 1 in preseason National Prep Poll

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Defending Class 5A/I champion Euless Trinity hopes to become the fifth Texas team overall -- and the third this decade -- to finish the season as National Prep Poll champion.

The Trojans begin the 2008 season atop the national Top 25 for the first time. Big 12 recruits linebacker Earnest Norman (Kansas), safety Prinz Kande (Kansas), cornerback Eryon Barnett (Texas) and running back Tray Robinson (Nebraska) are among 11 starters returning for veteran coach Steve Lineweaver.

Trinity begins its season on Labor Day in Texas Stadium against Southeast No. 20 (No. 66 in the preseason PrepNation 101 rankings) River Ridge (La.) John Curtis.

The rest of the preseason top five has a distinctive southern flair, with spots going to defending state champions from South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Florida.

Link to complete Preseason National Prep Poll.

Link to PrepNation 101 Preseason Football Countdown, including complete capsules on each team.


Anonymous said...

Cinci St. Xavier has the toughest schedule and most impressive results. Interesting that they aren't ranked much higher. Most teams would cherish a win against anyone on their schedule.

Tough Guy said...

Other than Bosco, X's schedule is not as hard as they make it out to be.

Beef said...

Tough guy, you are on quaaludes. Find me a tougher schedule, in fact, find me one that's close. Its a friggin meat grinder. Don Bosco might be the third toughest game.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments on the St. Xavier schedule. Jamie said last year that with their schedule, if they went undefeated, they deserved a #1 ranking. Now with this years harder schedule, what happens if they can win out again? Just food for thought.

And to say X's schedule isnt that hard is absolutely insane. No further comment needed.

Buck alumni and mom said...

I wish one of these high rank schools would call Deerfield Beach for a showdown so we can put one good spanking on them. St Thomas, Ft. Lauderdale , Florida is #5 in the polls and I know if we can beat them every year then we can beat some more of them at the top of the ranking list. Way to go Bucks. Now we have to bring home the state title this year.

Anonymous said...

Have Deerfield Beach join the Kirk Herbstreit Challenge. Only problem is that the Ohio teams have dominated it in the past. No doubt that it is partially due to the lack of travel, but there is some real talent in the Ohio schools.

Lamarfan said...

I also wish a high ranking team from California or Texas would give Dearfield a call to give them their due as a polster said to get a spanking but I say to get one . Be careful who you invite..

jack said...

T^he Rebels of Maryville, Tn., 15-0 last year and 60-0 in past 4 seasons, & 7 of 8 last 4A State trophies, finished last year ranked 10th in USA Today, and you rank them 37th and 11th in the southeast. Do you just have something against Tennessee football or is it something else. I kinda feel like Roger Dangerfield, get no respect
Jack Carroll

naughts08 said...

you dont just join the herbie are you crazy. And ohio has not dominated anything they have lost to all the big boys. Real only upset was indy, they did not turn out to be that good that year.

De La Salle
Long Beach Poly
Mission Viejo
Pittsburgh Central Catholic
Hignlands Kentucy

all the big names have won

so who have you dominated against

They should have brung two teams from florida, like they did penn last year.

StLouisSlugger said...

Are you crazy???? The results show that all the big games, the ohio teams have won. Look it up moron. Elder and St. Xavier have beaten elites and have done it with relative ease. Also, Highlands Kentucky is considered an Ohio team. They are outside of Cincinnati and play all the Cincinnati teams.

Anonymous said...

stlouisslugger, perhaps you should look it up. Unfortunately, Ohio is only 9-12 against OOS schools in the Herbie. That's not too bad considering that its not always the elite Ohio programs playing some of the better programs from other states, but Ohio obviously hasn't won all the big games.

Historical Herbie Results:


Cincinnati Colerain 27 def. Tyler Lee, TX 12

Westerville North (Columbus, OH) 14 def. Westerville South (Columbus, OH) 10


Texas High, TX 44 def. Findlay, OH 21

Cincinnati Colerain 28 def. Cardinal O’Hara, PA 0

Byrnes, SC 21 def. Cincinnati Moeller 20

Lakeland, FL 25 def. Cincinnati St. Xavier 22 (OT)

Don Bosco Prep, NJ 21 def. Centerville, OH 0

De La Salle, CA 56 def. Cincinnati Elder 38

Hilliard Davidson, OH 17 def. St. Joseph’s Prep, PA 14

Lakewood St. Edward, OH 49 def. Springdale, AK 3

Massillon Washington, OH 35 def. Hamilton, AZ 26


Indianapolis Cathedral, IN 7 def. Cincinnati La Salle 6

Cincinnati Colerain 20 def. Hoover, AL 17 (OT)

Mission Viejo, CA 26 def. Cincinnati Moeller 22 (Mission Viejo later forfeits for ineligible player)

Cincinnati Elder 41 def. Charlotte Independence, NC 34 (OT)

Cincinnati St. Xavier 38 def. De Matha, MD 7

Pittsburgh Central Catholic 34 def. Northmont, OH 6

Highlands, KY 24 def. Trotwood-Madison, OH 20

Buford, GA 34 def. Grove City, OH 7

Long Beach Poly, CA 21 def. Cleveland Glenville, OH 13

Cardinal Mooney, OH 27 def. Gateway, PA 6

Union, OK 31 def. Canton McKinley, OH 0

Mr. SC said...

Can someone please tell me why Byrnes is ranked number two in the nation? They are not all that good. Yes they are probably the best team n South Carolina but number two in the nation, I think that’s a little extreme. I’m from SC and I live about twenty five or thirty minutes from the high school and its crazy how everyone in that area lives and bleeds blue and silver. I personally think they are overrated. The reason I say that is because they haven’t went on the road and played anyone that’s been ranked in the top ten since they went and played a national power from Louisiana and lost. And, how many years ago was that, for ever. If the program wants to be the best in the nation, why won’t they schedule the better teams in the southeast? There are teams from Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana that I’m sure would love for Byrnes to come and play them. I guess the only way they will play anyone worth their time is if the other teams make the trip to Duncan, SC. The last team they play that was ranked was Glades Central but they were a 3A school that most of their starters played offense and defense. They have three teams from out of state on their schedule this year but none of them are ranked in the top twenty five in any of the polls that have Byrnes ranked one or two and one of them is a 2B from Florida. I know a number of the athletes at Byrnes personally and it’s a shame how it seems that the majority of them have been subliminally (Inadequate to produce conscious awareness but able to evoke a response) brainwashed into become football juggernauts (Something, such as a belief or institution, that elicits blind and destructive devotion or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed). By the time these young men reach seventh, eighth, and ninth grade, they are totally committed to the cause and pretty much forget about the academic side of school until it’s time to graduate and get into college.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. SC said...
Can someone please tell me why Byrnes is ranked number two in the nation? They are not all that good."
Byrnes plays the teams from around the nation that will play them. It has alot to do with money and schedules. Byrnes will be making the trip to TEXAS next year and OHIO and FLORIDA is in the works. It takes alot of money to travel as much as Byrnes does, They only have 3 home games this year.

For anyone that is in dout about Byrnes, They are a National Championship Team.
The Byrnes Rebel football team is already near the top of multiple national polls, but they’ve already won a national championship.

Coaches found out on Sunday that the squad won the Nike SPARQ Training national competition.

“In the years past we’ve always been close, usually in the top 10,” Miller said. “This year, I was surprised we held on and won because there’s a lot of good competition out there.”

The Rebels finished with a score of 110.93, said strength coach Mike Srock. The score is an average of the top performers in the testing sessions. Nike officials came to the school when the team held its national 7-on-7 passing tournament earlier this summer and tested players.

Players are tested in the 40-yard dash, pro-agility drill, vertical jump and power ball throw.

Srock said that seven Rebels scored better than 100, including Marcus Lattimore’s score of 129.87, which is third best in the nation, according to the SPARQ training Web site.

“It’s incredible, it’s a measurement of what we do,” Srock said. “I knew when we saw the score we’d be in good shape (for the national title).”