Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My long-awaited TV debut (almost)

I have a journalism degree with an emphasis on broadcast journalism.

That might be hard to believe after you watch the following segment.

I came out of school as a "radio guy" -- not a TV guy.

Face made for radio; that kind of thing.

Regardless, I will be making some rare TV-related appearances this fall in the Kansas City market.

Along with veteran Kansas City local preps guru Chad Harberts (KansasCityPreps.com), I have been invited to participate in a weekly high school football discussion segment for the local FOX affiliate's website (myfoxkc.com).

The Preps Extra program is hosted and produced by FOX 4's veteran sportscaster Al Wallace. It is shot on FOX 4's news set using FOX 4's cameras and microphones.

Lucky for me and my "radio face" (and "radio gut"), it will only appear on FOX 4's website and not on the actual TV station's airwaves.

After all, FOX 4 has a very large and loyal viewership, and I don't want to be responsible for scaring anyone away.

We taped our first weekly segments Tuesday afternoon. They are ready to view at the FOX Hilites page at the MyFoxKC.com website. Check it out here.

Thanks for watching!

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