Monday, February 11, 2008

Sound Off on the Week 12 National Prep Basketball Poll

This is the place to leave your comments, questions and other observations about the Week 12 National Prep Basketball Poll.

Please keep your remarks clean and at least somewhat mature in nature. Otherwise, they will be deleted.

Now, fire away.


rocaphat1 said...

Yeah I have something to say about the ranking. You all doing a great job with the ranking, but something puzzled me. Lincoln won a big game @the primetime Shootout in New Jersey, but that week they lost against Brooklyn Boys and Girls High School and they not even in the top 25. How come Boys and Girls not getting no press on your website. Can you please let me know. Boys and Girls High school i feel is the only school that can compete with Lincoln in the Public School Athletic League.

Anonymous said...

How does Decatur Eisenhower (22-0) drop 7 spots (9 to 16) when they had 2 conference wins last week? Both wins were bigger than the 2 they had the week prior to that and they moved up 4 spots. What a joke!!! Just like every other website you look at...the Oak Hills (ranked 4th) of the country can lose to someone not even in the top 15 and only drop 4 spots.

Anonymous said...

Oak Hill's losses are not all to ranked teams.

They lost to Richmond Benedictine