Monday, January 14, 2008

Sound Off on the Week 8 National Prep Basketball Poll

This is the place to leave your comments, questions and other observations about the Week 8 National Prep Basketball Poll.

Please keep your remarks clean and at least somewhat mature in nature. Otherwise, they will be deleted.

Now, fire away.


Marcus from Alexandria said...

Peabody from Alexandria Louisiana is 27-0 and only have 9 games left in the regular season. Just wanted to give u the correct record.

Anonymous said...

Christian Life Acaademy is 28-1 and is on a 28 game winning streak. They have won at least ten games over teams that are at least top 7 in their class and have won 5 tournaments including one in Ft. Walton Beach, FLA. Peabody and CLA are by far the top 2 teams in LA. and I think if they played 5 times they would both win 2 with the 5th game going to whoever played the best that night on a neutral court. CLA should be in teh rankings as well