Monday, December 31, 2007

Sound Off on the Week 6 National Prep Basketball Poll

This is the place to leave your comments, questions and other observations about the Week 6 National Prep Basketball Poll.

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Now, fire away.


Anonymous said...

Highland, Utah, Lone Peak (7-2) Looked good. However, has anyone looked at Pleasant Grove High School (PG)? They have the top scorer, CJ Wilcox, in the state while Haws is the fourth. They beat the 4A team that beat Lone Peak (5A) this year by 20+. And, PG has only lost one game (10-1). PG and Lone Peak are within 8 Miles from either other. It's the biggest rivalry in 5A. The first game this year is 1/18/08.

Anonymous said...

I just took about 10 minutes to see how relevant the lost was to PG and LP winning over Centennial.

Overall PG played a very, very good caliber of teams over the break and came out very well with one lost.

Percentile ranking (relative to state rankings posted by on
Foothill 99.4% (W)
Canyon Springs 83.5% (W)
Harvard-Westlake 97% (L)
Mercer 99.5% (W)

LP (Centennial)
Centennial 95.9% (W)

Wilcox and Haws carrying the teams. Wilcox averaged 26.4 ppg (One Game high of 36 points and 4 blocks) and Haws averaged 21 ppg over the break.

Anonymous said...

South Atlanta should be in top 25.

South Atlanta H.S. with #1 ranked junior Derrick Favors should be in the top 25. Their only lost is to #1 St. Benedicts. After that they turned around and beat #9 Lincoln. In-state teams are getting blown out by 30-40 points a game. Rank em.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...The team that PG beat won Utah's 2007 4A State Title. That's also the team that beat LP this year. I, also, wonder if this is known by the people who do the ranking. I mean Provo beat LP by 2 at LP's place but PG beat Provo by 24. Strange! You would think PG would get some Love too.

Last season, PG lost to LP (2), 5A runner ups in State (beat them in the regular season), Championship game in California's tournament, American Fork (lost in 1st round of State), and Spanish Fork (Lost in the 5A SEMIFINAL)...Which the finished up with a record of 16-6. This year they are 10-1. They should be getting some Love.