Monday, November 26, 2007

Sound Off on the Week 16 National Prep Football Poll

This is the place to leave your comments, questions and other observations about the Week 16 National Prep Football Poll.

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Anonymous said...

If St. X wins the Ohio State Championship with the schedule they played I don't see how they can't be number one. That must have been the hardest high school football schedule ever played. They are unfortunate to be in a four team league in the stat of Ohio where the playoff system is the way it is. They can't schedule local opponents, so they end up playing a ridiculous schedule every year and this year was the craziest! No doubt they should move up to # 1 with a victory Saturday!

Anonymous said...

OK, Maryville (TN) and its 58-game win streak is impressive, and barring some significant upsets, 60 wins and 4 4A titles in a row looks to be on the horizon. But where's the love for Montgomery Bell Academy out of Tennessee? MBA just finished a 13-0 state title season in Tennessee's perennially toughest class (DII-AA), and is at the top of all power ratings (Massey, CalPreps, Sonny Moore) that rate all Tennessee schools regardless of class.

I see that Louisville Trinity (KY) is regionally ranked. MBA owned Trinity 3-1 in the series from 2003-2006, and MBA scored 2 of those 3 wins with largely inferior teams in Tennessee (and all 3 MBA wins came against Trinity teams that would later take 4A titles in Kentucky). Trinity is lucky they didn't reschedule MBA in 2007 with what was MBA's best team since the Ingle Martin years of 1999 and 2000.

Yes, that drubbing by Byrnes in 2005 might have some pundits shy away from rating MBA now, but one could legitimately argue that MBA's run in Tennessee's DII in 2007, coupled with its historical success against out-of-state programs (Bolles, FL 1999, Trinity 2003, 2005-2006), largely warrants consideration over Maryville with its long streak against relative patsies and unknowns (and no out-of-state foes).

Anonymous said...

Would you just go ahead and drop Northside - Warner Robins, GA out of the rankings altogether. It is obvious you have lost respect for this team. They were in the top ten a few weeks ago, have only continued to keep a perfect season going, and for that have promptly dropped to #24 behind several 1-loss teams.

I understand their all-state quarterback broke a bone in his leg and won't play again this year, but they have not lost. Stop patronizing the team, either drop them all together because of one player's injury or keep them where you had them until they lose.

Anonymous said...

Season completed for St. X. Toughest possible schedule, and a 15-0 season to show for it. #1 is deserved.

Anonymous said...

The reason Montgomery Bell may not get any love is that people may remember how Byrnes went to Nashville took to Montgomery Bell Academy in 2005. If they do win out however, MBA does warrant attention. Byrnes by won the 4A-DI title by beating up Summerville 48-7, going 15-0 this season. The question is where Byrnes will end up being ranked. With Southlake Carrol(TX) and Hamilton(AZ) losing, they'll move up into the top 20 and may end up in the top 15.

Anonymous said...

Mooney (Youngstown, OH) also lost so you'll more than likely see Byrnes move in the top 20 next week

Anonymous said...

In favor of St X:

15-0 against arguably the toughest high school schedule ever, but easily the toughest played by anyone this year. Check out the strength of opponents on and compare against anyone, or just look at their opponents' resumes: 5 former state champ teams from Ohio, plus former champs from Kentucky, Indiana, and perennial power DeMatha, MD.

Won the Ohio big school championship in only the second shutout ever recorded in championship history (the last was 36 years ago), and by an unprecedented margin: 27-0.

In that championship game, their offense dominated and star running back set a championship game rushing record, while their defense completely shut down Mentor's QB, "Ohio Mr Football".

They won with sportsmanship throughout the season and the playoffs, building big leads in the first halves of games and running out the clock - rather than running up the score - in the second halves.

A great performance. Hard to see who else matches it this year.

Anonymous said...

Southlake Carroll(TX), Mooney(Youngstown, OH), Hamilton(AZ), and Odessa(TX) Permian all lost. Couple that with the way Byrnes annihilated regionally ranked Summerville 48-7, expect them to move up in the upcoming rankings, maybe in the top 15.

Also, if Independence(Charlotte, NC) goes ahead and wins 4A state tite next week, I think that there should be consideration to move them back in the top 25 based on their victiories over then regionally ranked West Charlotte and Butler(who they had lost to a couple of weeks earlier). That is if they win next week, of course.

Anonymous said...


Concha here. So what happens now?

X ran the table. Toughest schedule in the nation?

Apart from losses to X, their opponents were 135-31 on the season. This schedule dwarfs those of its Top 10 rivals.

X did it minus Darius Ashley in several games and despite losing its starting QB late in the regular season.

In all but two games, the result was the worst defeat of the season for Xs opponent. In those two games, X took a knee versus Moe with goal to go and against Ignatius they started a new QB at Iggy.

X looks to have more top talent than thought in the pre-season (Milligan, Scruggs... looks like 6-10 D1s... several all region, all-state... Milligan was Army Iron Man...). perhaps any talent gaps are less than thought?

SLC lost to a team with a loss itself. I assume that takes some luster off of beating them?