Sunday, September 02, 2007

No. 3 DeMatha ties it up

  • After loosening St. X with some some passes, the Stags run the ball right at the Bombers and tie the score, 7-7. DeMatha has very good size up front.
  • St. X sticking with the passing game. Hurley looks good. But when will the Bombers get their running game going? Ashley's absence is making a bigger impact so far than I actually expected.
  • DeMatha has a great chance of winning this game if they continue to make yardage running it right at St. X's defense. If the Bombers are forced to put more men in the box, DeMatha has the speed in its receiver corps to make them pay.
  • St. X going no-huddle while DeMatha starting to look tired already on defense. Again, I go back to St. X's extra preparation time, including conditioning time.

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