Sunday, September 02, 2007

Halftime: No. 1 St. X 14, No. 3 DeMatha 7

St. X closes the first half by missing out on a scoring opportunity.

The Bombers seemed to have DeMatha on its heels, but a false start penalty helped stall out the drive. They settled for a 40-yard FG attempt by Danny Milligan, which missed wide left. His timing appeared to be ill-effected by an off-target long snap.

Overall, the game is going about how I expected it, although St. X's passing game is a bit more prominent than I would have imagined.

The biggest factors for the second half appear to be:

  1. Can DeMatha get its second wind in the second half? St. X's advantage of having an extra week of practice, an extra game and an extra scrimmage is showing big time in the conditioning department.
  2. Will DeMatha QB Tommy Chroninger settle down the in the second half? He appeared to be overwhelmed in the adrenaline department and most of his passes sailed wide. He MUST get the ball to playmakers Tate and McLeod in the second half for the Stags to win.

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