Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coombs misses his Cardinals

Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Bill Koch reports today that ex-Colerain football coach Kerry Coombs is feeling a little sentimental about his former team.

The prep football season officially kicks off in Ohio this week but Coombs, who left in April for the University of Cincinnati, is busy coaching the Bearcats D-backs.

No regrets,
he tells the Enquirer, but Coombs says it hit him how much he misses the high school kids and the prep football atmosphere when he was unable to attend Colerain's scrimmage against Elder last Friday.

Who could blame him. Colerain, which is ranked No. 20 in the National Prep Poll, won the contest over the regionally ranked Panthers, 28-6, and looked as powerful as ever.

The Coombs story is interesting and certainly not a surprising one. Sure makes me think about when Tom Knotts left Charlotte Independence for one season to coach QBs at his alma mater Duke. Now he's back at Indy and loving every minute of it. 108 straight wins and counting, after all.

Not predicting the same future for Coombs. But I sure wouldn't be shocked, either.

NOTE: Photo courtesy of UC Sports Information.

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