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Thursdays with Jamie 10/20

Welcome back! To me, that is. Sorry to all my faithful readers (both of you) for my absence from the blogosphere the last couple of weeks. Travel/work and time spent prepping for my upcoming nuptuals (getting married Oct. 29) are to blame. I will try my level best to keep up with at least one blog per week the rest of the football season.

The old mailbag has gotten a little full during my hiatus, so I think I'll jump right into answering some "viewer" mail this week ... Naturally, the change at the top in this week's National Prep Poll -- despite my detailed explanation of how the rankings were determined appearing on the front page -- was among the topics to which I'll respond.

Mark Bloom, Irvine, Calif. sent me three emails ... here is the condensed version of all three. My responses are in red: Please explain to me why a Mission Viejo program has faced the toughest competition in the nation for the last coupl years yet you took them off the #1 ranking. Who has Southlake Carrol played over the last 3 years to garner such a tough ranking....? Does strength of schedule count...?
JD: Of course strength of schedule counts. If you read my column, you would know that. In fact, SLC's superior strength of the schedule the rest of the season is among the reasons the Dragons are now No. 1. MV has played a good schedule, especially last season. But I don't think the Diablos have played anything approaching the nation's toughest schedule this year. Last season, maybe.

Sounds like you guys are are the take.....I hope SLC payed you well.
JD: Oh yes. We just cashed a huge check from the Southlake ISD yesterday. Six figures.

(Quoting me from my quote in Tuesday's Dallas Morning News story) "I don't think there are many Mission Viejo fans who would disagree, because they were so impressive and had the national player of the year [quarterback Mark Sanchez] last year. Southlake Carroll is pretty close to where it was last year, if not better."
Disagree.....and as good as they were last year, you screwed them again
JD: That quote was a little chopped up, but what I mean to say is that I don't think many MV fans or watchers would say this year's MV team is as good as last year's. In fact, that is the opinion of nearly everyone around the program with whom I have spoken.

1. Mission Viejo went to play Isaqhuah on Monday, beat them 55-36....., Mission pulled their starters at half time. SLC kept their starters in the whole game and ran up the score on Denton. On thursday of the same week, Mission Viejo beat Long Beach Jordan 69-17, again Mission playing second and third teams....But beating two teams in the same week 124-52....?
September 5 5:30 PM Issaquah Qwest Field, Seattle, WA 55 36 September 9 7:30 PM LB Jordan LB Jordan 69 17 2. Mission Viejo pounded a good Mater Dei program thats won national championships. Again MV pulling starters late in the 3rd qtr
September 16 7:30 PM Mater Dei MVHS 48 7 September 22** 7:00 PM Marina Westminster H.S. 56 0 3. Mission Viejo has beaten De La Salle 2 times in back to back years. The level of competition is in Ca is better than any area in the nation.
October 8 7:30 PM De La Salle MVHS 36 26
If stats are what your looking for, lets really look at the stats.....Below look how little these players actual play...
RJ Toman - 40-75, 747 13 Td - 2int Chane Moline - 85 carries, 526 yds 14 tds
Mission Viejo has 13 players that have scored Td's on offense. If MV went full force against every opponent the way that SLC does, they could score 80-90 points a game with shutouts. Their 1st string defense has given up 26 points all season and that was to De La Salle. I guess Mission has to just defile teams to earn respect.

JD: I am aware of all of MV's stats, scores and minutes played by starters. I will stand by my analysis of comparative strength of schedules and how good the individual teams look in action. You are kidding yourself if you think Issaquah Wash. could stay on the field with Denton Ryan. And SLC does not play its starters the whole game in blowouts to run up the score.

Q....?, How many times has SLC played team ranked in the top 10 during their streak.....? Anwer one.....MV, 3 last year....
JD: To set the record straight (because you have so badly distorted it), SLC has played two teams ranked in the NPP Top 25 during the last two seasons: No. 19 Denton Ryan (52-27 win) and No. 11 Lufkin (31-28 win), both last season. MV has played only ONE Top 25 team the last two seasons: a 41-14 win over No. 23 Long Beach Poly last year. Neither SLC or MV has played a Top 10 team the last two seasons.

Matt: Has anyone forwarded you information about Maryville High School. They play Division 1 4A in what has been the toughest region in the State for 4A. They have won 5 State Championships out of the past 7 years. I think you would be pleasantly surprised to look at Coach Quarles's team stats. Yes, I did have a vested interest but I'm just an old timer that still follows the team. My son did play for Maryville for 4 years and started for 3 of those four. His teams had 1 runner up State Championship Plaque and 2 State Championship Rings 1998 and 2000. The 2000 Championship came after starting 0-4.

JD: Yes, I have seen Maryville play and heard nothing but good things about them from my buddy Murphy Fair and others. We have ranked them regionally in the past, and they are certainly on the bubble for a regional ranking this season. We'll continue to keep tabs on them. As for Coach Quarles, if you pick up the September and upcoming December issues of American Football Monthly magazine. I have mentioned him twice in my high school coaching columns. I have great respect for the job he has done. Maryville is truly one of the great powerhouses of prep football in the Southeast.

RJohn: I know you are aware the Longview Lobos and Springdale have a common opponent. They both played and beat Evangel Christian Academy. Springdale played it's starters the entire game and won 35-7, Longview played its starters one half and was up 38-14, both ECA touchdowns were on kick returns, and Longview went on to win 52-14. Couple that with the fact two of Longview's other opponents West Monroe and Marshall are currently, and continue win. West Monroe is ranked Louisiana 5A number one team. My question is: what formulas do you use to rank your teams and has Longview done enough to pass Springdale. After this weeks national televised game I think the Lobos are easily one of the two best teams nation wide...PS. I see Mission Viejo hand its hands full with De LaSalle...are the Spartans that good and if so, how did they go unnoticed...

JD: Yes, I watched the Springdale-ECA game and got a good account of the Longview-ECA game. I felt both teams were equally impressive in beating ECA. (I should note that this email came in before Longview struggled to beat unranked Rockwall, 37-35. Now I'm getting emails stating that Longview is overrated. Longview remains a Top 10 team because of their early wins over the likes of West Monroe and Marshall.)

RJohn (again): For some reason I can't get on your board and post any replies. However, I did see an interesting post that suggested Euless Trinity be ranked ahead of Longview, when we both know Longview and Trinity have a common opponent called Tyler Lee, who Longview disposed of in two quarters posting a score of 35-7 in one half while Trinity kept their starters in for the entire game and managed a 43-14 win...I think Trinity is a good team and they have a ton of talent, however, I think they are ranked about right...If they are really good they might get their chance in the first week of the Playoffs to show it. It looks as if Carroll will go Div.1 and Trinity will draw them in the first round.

JD: Again, I think Longview and Euless Trinity were about equally impressive in whipping Tyler Lee. We probably won't know until the end of the final Friday about whether SLC will go D1 or D2 in the playoffs this year.

Poole103: Byrnes Rebels, simply the best high school football in the nation. Byrnes 55 Big sixteen Spartanburg 10.

JD: Yep, they're right up there with the best.

SWingert: You maybe missing the #1 or #2 team in the USA - Highland Park HS (4A) in Dallas with Matthew Stafford as QB (#1 rated HSQB), a great set of 5 receivers and a great defense. I believe HP would beat SL Carroll (your new #1) by 7-10 in a very high scoring game (unfortunately, they will never meet because SL Carroll is 5A and HP is 4A). Trust me, Carroll would not want to see HP - might ask Todd Dodge, the Carroll coach. You may want to send somebody down to the Dallas area this Fri night, 7:30 PM, to see Highland Park (4A) play at Wylie (north of Dallas), a very good team. Stafford is the finest passer I've ever seen - maybe at any level. p.s. I'm 64.

JD: I'm always amazed at how little some readers think we know. Anyway, yes, I've seen Stafford throw it. Impressive. He is the best QB in the Class of 2005, in my estimation. However, Highland Park does not have the same kind of TEAM as SLC. We'll keep our eyes on them, though. I would be surprised to see them at least regionally ranked at some point this year.

R Struble: Our (regionally ranked Salina, Kan., Central) tailback, Jake Sharp, an early commitment to KU, has a chance to break the national record for touchdowns, both per game and total. He is on pace to rush for over 3000 yards this season. The team has been called "the best I've ever seen in Kansas" by a reporter from McPherson. The team has the state record for consecutive district wins and district championships. They beat the 5A and 6A state champs last season and are currently ranked #1 overall in the state. I can forward much more information, but I assume you already know quite a bit. As you can guess, I have a son on the team and the coach is a friend. It would be special to this team and their coach to achieve national notoriety. Their website is It contains stats, game highlights etc. thanks for your consideration

JD: Yes, we have been tracking both Salina Central (see regional ranking) and Jake Sharp's record pace. I hope to include him in our Feats of the Week soon should he keep on his record pace. Huey Counts of the Salina Journal sent me these stats: Sharp has 39 touchdowns through 7 games (5.6). The record is 4.8 per game, set by Ken Hall in 1953.

New Guy 007: Las Cruces Mayfield in New Mexico is 7-0 and has beaten the #2,3,4 teams int the state and has soundly beaten El paso 5A teams soundly. At seasons end Mayfield should end up with the winnigest coach in NM football history! how about you take look into NM? we will put this team against any team in Kansas, Arkasas, and Texas!

JD: Mayfield is getting close to being regionally ranked. Real close.

Please, whatever you do, DON'T keep your opinions to yourself. Email them to me at I will include a mailbag feature on this blog as the emails come to me. You don't have to write me a book, just a short comment, question or suggestion and I will be happy to share your thoughts and my reply to the world. Thank you!

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